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Karringtons Place

Sweet Oranges & Cream

Sweet Oranges & Cream

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Nostalgic and true to its name, this scent opens with a pop of bright orange. The middle note of sugar brings in sweetness, while vanilla and marshmallow create a complementary creaminess. 


When I chose this scent, The Holy Spirit inspired me to pair it with ‘Fruit of the Spirit’. To me, when I envision The Fruit of the Spirit, I’m reminded of juicy, sweet, and refreshing fruit. This scent captures that essence, beginning with a vibrant orange note that bursts with freshness. The middle note of sugar adds a touch of sweetness, While vanilla and marshmallow create a rich, creamy texture that complements the scent beautifully.


Additional Candle Information

Pet Friendly

9oz Straight sides jar

100% Soy Wax

60 hrs burn time

Cotton wick

Non toxic/Phthalate-free

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