Finding Purpose Through Faith and Business

At the start of 2023, I made a life-changing decision to devote myself to the Lord. I had always been familiar with His teachings, but I lacked a deep, personal relationship with Him. Since then, I have experienced the immeasurable peace, love, and joy that only God can provide. My newfound commitment to share His good works and spread the good news has become my life's mission.
When I founded Karrington's Place in 2019, I knew I wanted to inspire my customers to choose positivity and healing. However, my recent spiritual journey has opened my eyes to a greater purpose. I now understand that true healing can only come from God, and we are powerless without Him.
In light of this, I have decided to print devotionals, scriptures, and faith inspired words on each candle and home fragrance to remind customers of the Lords grace, never failing love, and Kingdom principles. By doing so, my hope is to inspire my customers to incorporate His teachings into their daily lives and to say yes to Jesus!

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