Are you prepared for the Lord's blessings?

What if everything you've been praying for appeared in front of you right now. Would you be prepared for it or would you self sabotage?

There's something I've been praying for, for quite some time now. One day, I THOUGHT that this thing I had been praying for had come to fruition. I felt disappointed/frustrated and thought "Lord, I've been obedient, praying, etc. are you playing a trick on me?!(throws hands in the air).

Then, softly, I heard the Lord speak to me and He said "if I blessed you with what you've been praying for, would you be ready to receive it?."

I felt immediate relief and I felt this for 2 reasons. 1. I'm aware of the areas in my life that need work. 2. The Lord would not withhold anything from me if He knew I was prepared to take on this responsibly.  

One thing I've realized over these last few months is that I'm not done learning everything I need to learn in this season in order to receive the things I've been asking for.

I lack maturity in certain areas and my self discipline/consistency both need work in order to uphold said prayer requests. At times, they don't represent the blessings I'm praying for(talk about constructive criticism). 

Now, don't take this as me tearing myself down. know what I bring to the table and I am aware of my ability to accomplish anything I put my mind to. However, I would lack self awareness if I wasn't aware of my shortcomings.

We fall short and we're not perfect but, the Lord will never drop his biggest blessings in your sea of mess. 

While he is strengthening my weak spots, I must remain confident during my waiting season, master myself and steward the blessings in this current season.

The Lord will always exceed our expectations. So, believe me when I tell you that whatever I am asking for is going to be biggest than I could have ever imagined.  

Now, instead of always looking for this prayer to be answered, I ask the Lord to PREPARE me for what I am asking for instead. To guide my steps and correct any areas that I am lacking in. So, when the time comes for my prayers to be delivered, I won't mishandle my blessings.



Lord, thank you for being faithful. Thank you for having my best interest at heart and never leading me astray. I know you won't bless me prematurely and until you see fit. Help me to remain confident in your word and remember that my blessings will arrive in perfect timing. Thank you for preparing me and slowly guiding me towards my path so I will get there successfully.  


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I love reading your work! Beautifully written with a powerful message.


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