The Pace of Grace✨

When you prioritize stillness, you are creating an entry point for the expansion of consciousness. You become aware of your daily habits, you’re able to recognize where your attention goes when you have down time, and most importantly, you’re able to listen to your body. After the first week or so, you realize that your daily habits aren’t really good ones, and you’ve actually been living on autopilot for the last 6 months or longer.

This past year I struggled tremendously. The design structure that had worked for me in the past, unfortunately wasn't working anymore. My choices were poor and I felt like I was treading with my head barely above water. I knew that I needed to implement stillness and slower living practices into my daily routine.

if your life pace doesn’t allow protected time with the Lord your pace is too fast.- 

Pastor Stephen Chandler 

When I made the decision to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and included Him in my plans, my spirit calmed and I began to see a change. My path became clearer, doors began to open, and I was making healthier decisions.

I realized that was running this imaginary race to get ahead, not realizing the He never called me to do that in the first place. What’s even more disheartening is that I was trying to do this life on my own without including him in my plans. I was bound to hit a wall sooner or later. 

”you’re overextended and exhausted trying to do life in your own strength because you’ve missed the fact that all you needed is not in your ability but in who your Father is.” Pastor Stephen Chandler 


I've given up on my fast living approach and slower living has become my daily practice. I'm not concerned with trying to get ahead anymore, I am more focused on living out the Lords purpose for my life and putting my trust in Him✨

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:8)

Beginning of the week prayer:

Written by Karrington Bostic

Lord, Help me to meditate in your presence. To remember that slowing down is an act of devotion to you and your desired plan over my life. Help me acquire patience so that my anxiousness doesn’t result in hasty decisions.


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Such a great blog post! Living slower and simpler has never felt so good!


This is beautifully written. Such an inspiring message.

Krista DeLorenzo

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