Heartbreak to Gratitude.

Heartbreak to Gratitude.

From heartbreak to gratitude. Allowing myself to lean into my grief and heartbreak while finding the beauty on the other side. 

7 years worth of memories condensed in one box.
a box full of love, pain, and everything in between.
i kept this box out of site for many years because what it held inside was too much for my heart bear. a constant reminder of what was and won’t ever be again.

I’ve never shied away from healing, but it wasn’t until I began to shift my perspective that I started to see the beauty of what’s stored here and in my story. 

I believe the Lord placed me in this role to be a vessel of his work. One thing i’ve learned over the years is that a lot of what happens to us, isn’t necessarily about us. It’s about helping others.

I was called to use testimony as a guide for those who are low in faith and have experienced the same hurt. If i would have continued to run from my trauma instead of changing the narrative, I would miss out on the opportunity to embrace my calling and the Lord’s work in my life.

Fast forward to now, this box is something I embrace. The greatest memories of my life are here. 7 years worth of birthday, valentine’s day, and anniversary card are here. concert tickets, vacations photos, and sporting events. Memories that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

John’s death altered my life in more ways than one and my resilience has come from the Lord and the Lord alone.

I’ve developed many layers over the years and every July 1st feels like I’m re-meeting another healed version of myself.

Each time, I’m hugging the person I was when he first passed. She had no idea what her journey would look like but she was strong. I know she’s so thankful to be here🤍

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