The Beauty of Your Twenties.

This past weekend I had the privilege of celebrating my 28th birthday!

There's this theory that life gets better after 28 OR once you've completed your twenties over all. I've always disagreed with these statements because contrary to popular belief, my twenties, at this moment, have been a memorable experience. 

There's a negative stigma that's associated with your twenties because that's when life begins to kick in. You grieve, experience depression/anxiety, shed ALOT of tears, and nothing feels certain. But what people don't highlight enough are the teachable moments during those seasons. The knowledge/self awareness you gain, the unveiling of who you really are, and how healing turns out to be the most beautiful experience. Even if it doesn't feel or look like it in that moment. 

(my related experience: my late boyfriend lost his life at 25 years old 6 years ago. I was 22 and we were together for 7 years.)

It took years of navigating, healing, and self acceptance but I welcome these experiences with open arms because I wouldn't be the person I am today without them. I look back on the last 8 years and admire the Lord's hand on my life while on an endless pursuit to find happiness and healing on the other side of pain and darkness.

"Your twenties are stages that build character development. You have to become a certain type of you to be ready for the next phase of your evolution."- Wendy Woolfork

Each chapter may look different than the last but what they all have is common is that they offer a new beginning. 

If you find yourself wishing away your twenties refer back to this post. Remember, your twenties are your building blocks so you can apply the knowledge you've accumulated in your twenties into your thirties. 

"Even if the wait carries on another year, I will not get where I am going
without first learning to be here." - Morgan Harper Nichols 




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I can relate and admire your commentary. Beautiful is the woman you are and ever evolving is the woman you are becoming. So proud of you for growing in your journey.

Lorraine Evans

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