Recycling Program

Recycling glass can help reduce pollution and waste. Everyday we throw away a ton of garage and glass is a significant part of it. Instead of letting landfills pile up with our empty candles jars that are a threat to safety and the environment, we can use them again!

How it works?

All good things must come to an end. When your candles have reached their end, return them at your next pick up or ship them back to me.  You can receive up to 20% off depending on the amount of jars you return. 

1-2 jars= 10% off 

3 or more=20% off

If you opt to ship your jars, you will be responsible for the shipping charge.

If you plan on keeping them, here are some ways you’re able to repurpose them!

*collecting change
*storing cotton balls or qtips.
*drinking glasses
*coffee or tea holders
*pens and pencils

You can always scape out any left over wax and add it to your wax melterđź’–

The list goes on! So whenever your jars have reached their end, please consider these options before tossing and let’s do our part by cleaning up the environment♻️

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