Pslam 71:20-21

i’ve read this verse several times: ‘you have shown me trouble, many and bitter, but You will restore my life again.’
Psalm 71:20-21.

i admire David’s confidence in the Lord, how he still extends his gratitude and appreciation to Him even though he’s in the midst of angst and torment.

i think about the trying times i’ve experienced in my own life and how many “why is this happening Lord?” moments, but there was also a part of me that clung to the fact that The Lord is good despite my circumstances.

i’ve faced many trials, both openly and in secret, yet I’ve never doubted the Lord’s goodness. i could have easily written Him off, questioning how a loving Father could allow me so intensely. But i chose not to. Instead, i decided to stick it out, trusting that the Son would shine on me and deliver me from my struggles. i continued to put my best foot forward, trusting in someone bigger than myself. and i’m grateful that I did.

now, when and if sadness comes, i remind myself that He promises comfort, so I seek it in His word. when I feel stuck, He reminds me that no season is wasted, and I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its significance.

we were never promised a life free from difficulties, but i often think, ‘how noble is it to lean in, in the midst of uncertainty and say “Lord i know i’ve been through some pretty hard things, but i’m going to trust you anyway”

there will be moments in your life where you’re tempted to run from God because the hurt and anger you’re experiencing is too much to bear, and it probably seems easier to do so. but when and if that happens to you, i want to encourage you to run towards Him instead. push past yourself, trust what you might not be able to see, and believe that there’s a Savior on the other side, eager to restore and deliver. because there is and He is.
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