Be still and know.

The scripture 'Be still and know that I am God' (Psalm 40:16) held a prominent place on our refrigerator during my formative years, yet I struggled to grasp its significance. I would walk by it, pause, and remind myself that Jesus is real. Even at a young age, I wondered if there was more to it than simply standing still and acknowledging God's existence. Now, as an adult, I realize that this scripture is precisely what God is calling us to do: be still and know.

Solitude, stillness, simplicity, and silence are essential components of our relationship with the Lord.

We have complicated the concept of sitting with Jesus because many of us struggle with these 4 S's. We feel compelled to be constantly in motion, accomplishing tasks and checking off boxes, when in reality the Lord is calling us to do the opposite. I, too, have wrestled with this in the past. However, when I embraced these 4 S's and surrendered fully to the Lord, they became my greatest strength and a lifestyle I am grateful to live out. These practices have become sacred space for God and me, where I can give Him my undivided attention, receive His guidance, and truly rest.

I make a conscious effort to shift my focus away from myself and instead of asking God to do things for me, I simply acknowledge Him. I express gratitude for all He has done, thank Him for seeing me, and praise Him for His generous grace. Sitting at the table with Jesus is the most important commitment we can make, and the 4 S's help us position ourselves to do so. Who would have thought that, 20-something years later, Psalm 40:16 would still be a scripture I meditate on? And instead of thinking 'that's it?', I find relief in knowing that's all I've been asked to do.

By embracing solitude, stillness, simplicity, and silence, we create space for God to speak, guide, and transform us. May we learn to cherish these moments, finding strength in stillness and peace in God's presence.

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